Summer 2023 results

As the independent regulator of qualifications in Wales, one of our key activities is to oversee the awarding of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications, Skills Challenge Certificates and vocational qualifications.  

In this dedicated summer 2023 results section, you will find details of how qualifications are awarded in Wales this year, an overview of the appeals process, plus help and support for learners considering their next steps.

For more information, visit our dedicated Summer 2023 Results section.

Guide to exams and assessments

Qualifications Wales has published its guide to exams and assessments 2022-23, to give learners the information they need about arrangements for their qualifications.

Preparing for exams and assessments can be a busy time, and many will have questions about the arrangements for their qualifications this year.

That’s why we’ve created an updated guide to exams and assessments for qualifications in 2022/2023

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Frequently asked questions

You may have some questions about this year’s qualifications as you prepare for your exams and assessments. Here are some frequently asked questions to provide more information on the arrangements for this year.  


Advance information

As we take the next step back to pre-pandemic assessment arrangements, there is still some support in place this year. 

Advance information has been provided by WJEC to help you prepare for your exams and assessments.  

Advance information gives you an indication of the topics, themes, texts or other content that you can expect in your exams. This means that you will have some information on what will be assessed before your assessment takes place. It will be different for each subject and should help you to prepare for your exams.  

In most cases, the advance information will not cover everything that is going to be assessed. Some exam questions may require additional knowledge. Therefore, you should revise the whole course content, while using the advance information to focus your revision. 

There is advance information for the following qualifications: 

  • GCSEs 
  • AS and A levels 
  • vocational qualifications 

Advance information is not possible for the Skills Challenge Certificates, so many of the previous adaptations (changes) for these qualifications will continue this year. Also, a reduced number of challenges will be required. 

Awarding bodies have shared the advance information with your school or college. Speak to your teachers and lecturers if you have any questions about advance information. 

Help and support

We understand that preparing for exams and assessments can be a tough time for learners, parents, carers, schools and colleges. There is a range of support available. 

Power Up 

Head to the Power Up content hub where you’ll find revision tips, wellbeing guidance and info to get you through the 2022-23 exam and assessment season. You can access revision guides and past papers from WJEC, as well as UCAS application support and wellbeing advice.    


WJEC has a dedicated webpage where you can access info about how exams work, how to approach exam questions and tips for looking after your wellbeing. Plus, you’ll find lots of handy revision resources. 

Children’s Commissioner 

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has lots of helpful information about support services for young people, including mental health and emotional support. 

Careers Wales 

Careers Wales has lots of useful information about qualifications and training.   

Mind Cymru 

Mind Cymru is an established mental health charity that offers a range of wellbeing support. Mind is there for you if you’re finding things hard. You can get in contact for confidential advice and support.