Our Learner Ambassadors are an inspiring group of people with a diverse and broad range of experiences. 

They help us shape qualifications and the qualification system in Wales so that it’s fit for today and the future, and they guarantee that the voices of learners are embedded into all aspects of our work. 

Learner panel


Our group helps us talk to learners and understand what they need from us and the wider education sector. Members challenge us, as well as support us in our work, to help us give learners the information they need about qualifications. 

The meeting content, resources and discussions are confidential, and the thoughts and opinions of all members are not shared unless members' permission is given. 

Group members are honest and tell us what they really feel about the issues affecting qualifications and learners in Wales. 


The group is currently made up of 18-25 learners. But we are currently recruiting to expand the group to ensure we have ambassadors from each county of Wales. Our Ambassadors usually remain with the group for 2 years and are: 

  • aged between 14-21 years 
  • taking qualifications in Wales - either in a school, college or another setting including home educated.  
  • in education and studying a range of qualifications, including vocational qualifications, GCSEs, AS and A levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate 
  • from different types of backgrounds and education settings (including colleges, schools, private candidates), and different types of learners (including Welsh-medium learners and those with additional learning needs). 

Become a Learner Ambassador

These are voluntary roles, but the benefits gained are invaluable: 

  1. Unique experience to include on your CV or UCAS application 
  2. Improved skills such as communication, evaluation, team-working 
  3. Supporting the development of Made-for-Wales qualifications 
  4. Making sure that learners’ voices are heard. 
  5. Opportunities to support in promoting our work through social media and media channels (such as TV and radio interviews) 

Time commitment 

There are up to six Learner Ambassador meetings a year. The dates are pre-arranged and meetings take place once every half term, usually on Tuesdays between 17:00 and 18:30. 

Occasionally, we organise extra catch-ups if we need more time to discuss activities. These meetings are optional, although we do encourage you to join them so that you are involved with new pieces of work and catch up with other members. 

Applying to join 

If you're interested in becoming a Learner Ambassador or want to nominate a learner, please email us at:

We will ask for your:   

  • name  
  • age  
  • centre name  
  • your reasons for applying to join the group (no more than 100 words)  

We look forward to hearing from you.