New learning resources for GCE Digital Technology

To ensure learners are supported with access to high-quality resources for their studies in GCE AS/A level Digital Technology, new resources are now available.

Learners began studying WJEC GCE Digital Technology for the first time this year. This exciting qualification, developed specifically for learners in Wales, enables learners to develop a deep understanding about innovations in digital technology and how they impact the lives of those who use them. Learners will also develop a range of practical skills to create digital products, as well as solutions to problems faced by users of digital systems.  

Qualifications Wales has provided support to WJEC to enable the development of new learning resources, in English and Welsh, for examined units within GCE Digital Technology. In February 2023, WJEC published ‘blended learning’ and ‘knowledge organiser’ resources for AS level Unit 1 – Innovation in Digital Technology, supporting learners as they prepared for their first examination in this subject. 

We are now pleased to confirm that WJEC has completed its development of these resources for A level Unit 3 – Connected Systems. The resources for both units can be accessed on the subject page of the WJEC Resources website 

For more information, you can also access the specification, sample assessment materials and training resources for this qualification on the WJEC subject page