Overview of the January 2023 results

Well done to all learners in Wales who received their results from WJEC today, for exams sat in January. And thank you to all of the schools, colleges and other centres across Wales that worked hard to deliver this exam series.

The January 2023 exam series included unit exams for GCSE English Literature and GCSE Welsh Literature, a final resit opportunity for GCSE ICT, Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificates and some components of Level 2 and 3 Health and Social Care qualifications and Level 2 and 3 Childcare qualifications. 

As part of our role as the qualifications regulator for Wales, we monitored WJEC’s delivery of this series, and the approach taken to awarding grades in the current context. We are confident that agreed processes were followed and that the awarded grades were as fair as possible to learners. 

Most of the January series results are at a unit level and aren’t published. WJEC published results for any whole qualifications for the January 2023 exam series in Wales on its website today.