Public confidence in Welsh qualification system remains high

As exams return for the first time since 2019 public confidence in qualifications in Wales remains high - despite the disruption caused to education by the Covid pandemic.

Research conducted for Qualifications Wales suggests that GCSE, AS and A levels are all seen as ‘well understood’ and ‘trusted’ qualifications, which are a good preparation for further study. The survey carried out by Beaufort Research also finds growing support and awareness of the Welsh Baccalaureate. 

Key findings 

AS/A level: public confidence in AS/A levels remains high, and they are considered to be trusted qualifications and good preparation for further study.  

GCSE: GCSEs are seen as ‘a trusted qualification’ that is ‘well understood’ by the Welsh public. 

Welsh Baccalaureate: awareness of the Welsh Baccalaureate continues to rise among the public, with almost 80% of adults saying they have heard of it. There is growing support for the Skills Challenge Certificate component of the qualification, with 68% of people agreeing that it is ‘valuable for young people’s futures to be able to take a Skills Challenge Certificate’. 

Vocational qualifications: approval rates for vocational qualifications are high. Just over eight in ten adults in Wales agree that ‘vocational qualifications, taken in school, are valuable for young people’s futures’. 

The full report, Survey of Public Opinions of Non-Degree Qualifications in Wales 2021, can be read on the Qualifications Wales website.