Qualifications Wales recognised by the Future Generations Commissioner

A new list highlights 100 people and groups making a positive impact on Wales.

The list of 100 'Changemakers' has been published following nominations by the out-going Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe.

We’re proud to announce that Emyr George - Director of Qualifications Policy and Reform at Qualifications Wales - and the Qualified for the Future team, featured at number 34 on the list.

It’s no surprise to us that education is of paramount importance in Wales, but it’s fantastic to see it being recognised in this way by the Future Generations Commissioner.

The article highlights the crucial work Emyr and the Qualified for the Future team have been doing in the sphere of GCSE reform, while reinforcing the Qualifications Wales Act as the foundation of our reform work. It recognises the need for qualifications to evolve alongside changes in society and the way we live, learn and work. This reform works builds on the new curriculum introduced in many schools in Wales in September, which will help to ensure that qualifications are fit for the needs of future learners, employers and society more generally.

Congratulations to Emyr and the Qualified for the Future team on this well-deserved recognition.

Learn more about our Qualified for the Future reform work and see the Future Generations Commissioner’s top 100 here: The 100 people changing the face of Wales - Wales Online.