Exam Contingency Guidance - GCSEs, AS and A levels


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Contingency assessment arrangements

Overview of requirements in the unlikely event that a decision is made to cancel the summer exam series.

Given the events of the past few years, we know there is a small chance that alternative arrangements could once again be needed in the future. Centres should therefore prepare for the possible implementation of the contingency arrangements by planning what assessments they will use to inform centre determined grades, should they be needed, so that the collection of assessment evidence can start as soon as possible and as appropriate for each centre. For this to be manageable alongside preparation for the summer exam series, centres should aim to use assessments that are integrated into usual teaching and learning and existing assessment plans.

Assessments should be marked, and feedback provided to learners to support preparation for the summer exam series and to allow their use as evidence for a centre determined grade, in the unlikely event that this becomes necessary. Centres must inform learners which assessments will be used to gather evidence as part of potential contingency arrangements if exams are cancelled. Should that happen, the assessments will be used to support a holistic judgement of a centre determined qualification grade.

The information in this guide is not intended to distract from preparations for exams in the summer.