Inclusivity in international assessment systems


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Inclusivity in international assessment systems

We have commissioned research to reflect on how international jurisdictions embed inclusivity within their qualifications for secondary school learners.

For more information, please read the research, below. There is an executive summary at the beginning which gives an overview of the context, background and key findings. 

The research has identified some key considerations for us as we continue with qualifications reform in Wales, including:

  • inclusivity is a dynamic, evolving concept  
  • inclusivity in assessment systems is broader than just access arrangements or reasonable adjustments 
  • structure of qualifications including content and language, is an important consideration for inclusivity 
  • the role of digital technology in relation to the opportunities and challenges for inclusivity in assessment 
  • how current access arrangements accommodate different learner needs 
  • further collaborative working with awarding bodies and equality organisations  in our reform work 
  • identifying opportunities to further reflect a diverse range of perspectives, contributions, and experiences in all areas of qualification reform,trade-offs between concepts such as accessibility and inclusivity and how this will impact on other aspects of qualification design