Findings of the review

Qualifications Manager, Lisa Mitchell, explains the outcomes of the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Catering sector review:

The information and evidence we gathered through our extensive sector review has informed the findings that are presented in the 'Going Places' report.

This is available as a full report, executive report, international review report, and learner engagement report:



Travel and Tourism - Next Steps

Our ‘Going Places’ sector review report found that the current range of post-16 Travel and Tourism qualifications offered by awarding bodies in Wales generally meet the reasonable needs of learners. The review also highlighted areas that needed updating, including: 

  • currency of content 
  • references to the Welsh context 
  • greater focus on customer service skills 

We worked with stakeholders to design approval criteria for these qualifications, which set subject content and assessment requirements for them. The criteria we developed are: 

Travel and Tourism Approval Criteria

As approved, Made-for-Wales qualifications, it’s essential that awarding bodies engage with Welsh stakeholders and develop suites of qualifications that continue to give a choice to centres. To allow for enough time for this, we have decided to extend the period available to develop these qualifications. 

This means that the new suite of Travel and Tourism qualifications will be ready for schools and further education colleges in September 2026 and for first teaching in September 2027. 

Hospitality and Catering - Next Steps

Our ‘Going Places ‘ sector review report identified some issues with the structure and range of the existing hospitality and catering qualifications offered in Wales.  We need a fresh and relevant suite of qualifications that address:  

  • the complex and confusing qualification structure  
  • outdated content and focus   
  • omission of important up-to-date content  
  • burdensome assessment  
  • lack of relevance to the Welsh context  

We consulted on two proposals in spring 2023 and following feedback we explored all options for securing new hospitality and catering qualifications with stakeholders. 

As part of this we considered the recommendations made in the VQ review and the impact the delayed T-Level in Catering in England will have on awarding bodies and qualifications.  

Following extensive engagement, we will: 

  • develop the qualifications being offered using an open market approach, where more than one awarding body can design and deliver the qualifications  
  • establish a new streamlined suite of Made-for-Wales hospitality and catering qualifications at levels 1, 2 and 3 for both further education colleges and work-based learning  

Read about our decisions in full by taking a look at the reports below. Our decisions are available as a full report, executive summary as well as an updated Integrated Impact Assessment.


Updated Integrated Impact Assessment

Click here to view the presentation from our public webinar. 

We will develop and publish approval criteria that awarding bodies will use to design the new qualifications. These will be ready for centres to begin preparing to deliver the qualifications from September 2026, with first teaching from September 2027.  

Find out more about our consultation on hospitality and catering qualifications - Have your say - Qualifications Wales.