Awarding bodies who offer qualifications other than degrees can choose to be recognised by Qualifications Wales. If you want us to regulate all or some of your qualifications, you will need to apply to become a recognised awarding body.

Becoming a recognised awarding body brings benefits, but it is a significant undertaking as you must be able to demonstrate you are able to meet our regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis Criteria for Recognition to Award GCSE/GCE Qualifications.

At the point of entry, you will need to demonstrate that you meet our Criteria for General Recognition. If you wish to award GCSE or GCE qualifications, you will also need to demonstrate your ability to meet the .

Once recognised, awarding bodies must demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Standard Conditions of Recognition and any additional relevant regulatory requirements.

Benefits of recognition

There are a number of benefits to becoming a recognised awarding body:

  • recognition provides confidence to qualification users that your organisation has the capacity and competence to develop and offer high-quality qualifications
  • you would be able to seek designation or approval for your qualifications, thereby making them eligible for use on publicly funded programmes of learning for learners under the age of 19
  • your qualifications will be listed on the Qualifications in Wales database - an important resource for those wanting to find a suitable qualification
  • certificates for regulated qualifications carry the Qualifications Wales logo

Please note: Qualifications Wales only regulates qualifications other than degrees and does not regulate training courses or training providers.

How to apply

To enquire about recognition, please email us at:

We will ask you to tell us why you want to be recognised by us. This will help determine if recognition is right for you. To proceed with your application, you will then need to formally apply.

This will mean that you provide us with sufficient evidence of your ability to meet our requirements as set out in our Criteria for General Recognition.

The formal application is a two-part process:

  • Part 1 - completion of preliminary application

Following an initial enquiry, an eligible applicant will be invited to complete and submit a preliminary application form. This form will focus on Wales specific information which will include your business plan for Wales and details of predicted or actual demand for your qualifications.

If your preliminary application is considered sufficient you will be invited to complete a full recognition application.

  • Part 2 - completion of full application 

A full application will need to demonstrate ability to meet the Criteria for General Recognition and potential to comply with our Standard Conditions of Recognition.

Following submission of the full application, we will conduct an administrative check for completeness. Once we are satisfied the application is complete, we will assess the application against the Criteria for General Recognition

We aim to reach our decision within three months of starting our review, but this may take up to 6 months when dealing with complex cases or during periods of high demand. 

Ending or amending your recognition

If you want us to stop regulating some or all of your qualifications, you can ‘surrender’ your recognition. Surrendering is a voluntary, formal process and must be made in compliance with the requirements as set out in our Standard Conditions of Recognition.

To surrender your recognition please email to discuss your plans and our requirements.