General criteria

All awarding bodies must meet our general criteria. You can read more on our general criteria by clicking links: 

Criteria for general recognition – the requirements an awarding body must meet before it is recognised by Qualifications Wales. 

Approval criteria and conditions of approval – the requirements an awarding body must meet before it, and its qualifications, can be approved.  

Priority qualifications list – a list of qualifications that have been approved or are being considered for approval.

Qualification-specific criteria

These apply specifically to different types of qualifications.  

Criteria for recognition to award GSCE/GCE qualifications – the requirements that must be met to award GCSE or GCE qualifications. 

There are further qualification-specific criteria relating to GSCEs and GCEs, vocational qualifications, Essential Skills Wales and the 'Welsh Baccalaureate' in our Regulatory Documents List.